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making moves…


life before we had to work

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i had about a week left since the last post to hang out with family and do the things i wanted to do before returning to san diego.  so in that time we (my sister, rachel and i) crossed over the bay bridge into the city.  on the way we stopped at the jelly belly factory to see how belly jellies are actually made.  our real destination, and probably one of my favorite places in the whole to visit, was the academy of sciences.  this time they hosted some snakes and reptiles.  have a look….

model pose…boom!

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sleeping giants

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i spent the past few days with rachel at a camp site just outside of crescent city, california.  our goal: to see the sleeping giants of the redwood forrest.  our trip took us to the edges of the northern california and oregon coast where we often crossed state lines to find food.  the whole pumping your gas situation in oregon still confuses me.

i have never seen trees this big in my life and in some parts of the woods, i imagined the trees coming to life like the ents of the lord of the rings.  call me a nerd, but it’s pretty cool when you come up to something wider than a school bus and has been growing for thousands of years.  another interesting spot was the fern canyon where we told lost and jurassic park was filmed.  once again, i imagined what it would be like if the black smoke thing was chasing us.


there and back again

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i made a quick trip back down to southern california for an interview last week.  my flights took me from reno to salt lake city where i stood for about an hour and finally to san diego.  the ride there was nice and smooth with no problems.  the trip back however left me in salt lake for one night where i almost didn’t wake up in time to catch my plane.  i don’t think i will be flying with delta again any time soon.

king bailey of wessex

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it has been some time since i have seen my brother’s dog at our house.  if you have not met, i would like to introduce you to bailey, king of wessex, ruler of the ninth english kingdom, inheritor to a fortune of biscuits and fame.  he is a trained expert in the art of facial expressions and cologne ad poses.  under his creative direction, we put together a small photoshoot.

the “close your eyes and imagine you’re surrounded by sea horses”

the “seriously, lets manly chest pump”

the “profile guaranteed to make the ladies melt”

the “model’s cliche look to the left”

the “i got quick moves like a sexy gazelle”

up and over the hill

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it’s incredible how quickly 23 weeks fly by when you’re living the elegant life of a structural engineering student.  within that time frame i’ve somehow managed to pick up on italian cooking, listen to a panel of professionals grill my team on SNAPS.com, and survive the jungle that is california traffic.  but despite the smoggy air that hovers over southern california, nothing really beats san diego sunshine.

school is done for the year and i’m back home.  i’ve taken the camera back out and dusted off the lens in hopes that i can update this blog more regularly.  now then, time for lunch.

a new year, so lets get things rolling

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happy new years everyone.  2010 was a transition year for me as i moved on from having a job and living at home to moving down to san diego and going to grad school.  it’s tough being away from the people you grew up with and the comfort of familiar faces and hang outs.  however, things also became exciting as i made new friends and learned a lot about myself as i prepare for the job world.  the second quarter is starting soon, but rachel and i were able to get in a small trip in before our schedules got busy.  we took a slow and relaxing trip down highway 1 and made stops in monterey, hearst castle, and solvang.  so here they are in no particular order.

not quite the battle of the smithsonian

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i recently visited the natural history museum here in los angeles which to my surprise, is surrounded by about a handful of other neat museums right next to the colosseum.  past the front desk are the dinosaur bones and they stand around 12 feet tall.  it’s really interesting to see how massive these animals are and if you’re like me, you start to wonder about other things how fun it would be to ride one or even what it would be like if there were alive today.  we were short on time so all we could manage was a few of the wilderness creatures, mammals, and a whale.  next summer they’ll have a full dinosaur exhibit and you can bet i’ll be back for that.

and its tied after the first quarter

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the good news is the first quarter is just about over.  i have some finals to take care of and i can finally go home.  since my last post i traveled up to LA for a weekend with matt, tin, and wayne to catch the kings game and some much need korean barbeque therapy.  it was a first for most of us, and being a hockey fan myself i was really excited to finally watch one.  the kings won of course that night despite tons of fouls and fights every period.

they (and i’m not exactly sure who they are) say pinks is part of los angeles culture, one of those things you have to try when you’re in the area.  most of us hadn’t tried the famous dog so we decided to drop by and see what the buzz was all about.  we each ordered two different kinds and by the end of lunch i’m pretty sure our cholesterol levels were in danger of exploding melted cheddar everywhere.

this year was also the first year i made thanksgiving dinner.  usually, tin and i are used to eating at his parents house.  so instead he called her up, requested some recipes and cooking instructions, and away we went on our cooking adventure.  overall i think the dinner was a success.  we learned a lot of about how not to put too much butter in the pan and how useful a blender could be when making cranberry sauce.