bears gone wild

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on July 1, 2012

i learned from the previous camping trip that a scion tc is not quite large enough to carry all the camping essentials needed for a complete experience.  i really thought we were on our toes this time around.  to my surprise, i thought we could have added a few more things. here’s a list i’ve compiled in my head of the essentials:

  • carrier for clothes (x2)
  • carrier for bathroom activities (x2)
  • cookware and portable stoves
  • cooler with lots of friggin food
  • sleeping pads and bags (don’t forget the pillows and extra blankets)
  • camping lantern, bug spray, and plates, forks, knives, lawn chairs, sunscreen, beers, deck of cards, matches, paper towel, propane, headlamps…

rachel and i stopped by bearizona before heading to the grand canyon.  it’s a neat little animal park exhibiting bison, wolves, bears, and other local critters of the arizona wilderness.  unfortunately, i couldn’t get a statement from the cubs about the life at the park.


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