to the edge of the world and back

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(no commentary necessary for the grand canyon, it’s just amazing)


bears gone wild

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i learned from the previous camping trip that a scion tc is not quite large enough to carry all the camping essentials needed for a complete experience.  i really thought we were on our toes this time around.  to my surprise, i thought we could have added a few more things. here’s a list i’ve compiled in my head of the essentials:

  • carrier for clothes (x2)
  • carrier for bathroom activities (x2)
  • cookware and portable stoves
  • cooler with lots of friggin food
  • sleeping pads and bags (don’t forget the pillows and extra blankets)
  • camping lantern, bug spray, and plates, forks, knives, lawn chairs, sunscreen, beers, deck of cards, matches, paper towel, propane, headlamps…

rachel and i stopped by bearizona before heading to the grand canyon.  it’s a neat little animal park exhibiting bison, wolves, bears, and other local critters of the arizona wilderness.  unfortunately, i couldn’t get a statement from the cubs about the life at the park.

hoover dam, where can i buy some bait around here

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the hoover dam is truly a magnificent american achievement and it’s hard to describe in words the magnitude of the structure.  it took five short years to plan, design, and construct the dam (ahead of schedule and under budget as well) by hand.  this logistics of this project blows my mind when considering the coupling of scorching hot temperatures (this day it was well over 100 degrees), questionable work safety conditions, breakouts of pneumonia, lack of accessible roads to deliver construction equipment, and a laundry list of items that would make any contractor today cringe.  however, the completion of this monumental task shows that determination, fortitude, and a solid engineering plan can overcome all odds.  go america.


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rachel and i made the trip up to carlsbad to pick up some camping gear for the grand canyon world tour.  along the way we stopped at ponto and came across this nice sunset, so we got out and splashed around before going back home.