not quite the battle of the smithsonian

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on December 15, 2010

i recently visited the natural history museum here in los angeles which to my surprise, is surrounded by about a handful of other neat museums right next to the colosseum.  past the front desk are the dinosaur bones and they stand around 12 feet tall.  it’s really interesting to see how massive these animals are and if you’re like me, you start to wonder about other things how fun it would be to ride one or even what it would be like if there were alive today.  we were short on time so all we could manage was a few of the wilderness creatures, mammals, and a whale.  next summer they’ll have a full dinosaur exhibit and you can bet i’ll be back for that.


and its tied after the first quarter

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on December 3, 2010

the good news is the first quarter is just about over.  i have some finals to take care of and i can finally go home.  since my last post i traveled up to LA for a weekend with matt, tin, and wayne to catch the kings game and some much need korean barbeque therapy.  it was a first for most of us, and being a hockey fan myself i was really excited to finally watch one.  the kings won of course that night despite tons of fouls and fights every period.

they (and i’m not exactly sure who they are) say pinks is part of los angeles culture, one of those things you have to try when you’re in the area.  most of us hadn’t tried the famous dog so we decided to drop by and see what the buzz was all about.  we each ordered two different kinds and by the end of lunch i’m pretty sure our cholesterol levels were in danger of exploding melted cheddar everywhere.

this year was also the first year i made thanksgiving dinner.  usually, tin and i are used to eating at his parents house.  so instead he called her up, requested some recipes and cooking instructions, and away we went on our cooking adventure.  overall i think the dinner was a success.  we learned a lot of about how not to put too much butter in the pan and how useful a blender could be when making cranberry sauce.