a century later

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on November 5, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts.  i’ve been really slacking on this one.  school has officially kicked in and i’m barely finding enough time to even log onto the computer.  so here’s the clift notes version of what has happened since i last wrote.

as some of you might know, the campus is really close to the ocean(around 10 minutes in fact) and though the location makes it super convenient to head down, I still spend most of my time on campus.  every once in a while i’ll find time to go and catch sight of some waves.  most recently, my friends and i witnessed some dolfins catching air alongside the surf community her.  wicked.

rachel and i are also bound to contract where we’ll visit each other after often as we can.  this particular week she came down and i showed the campus.  we also grabbed dinner downtown just before the halloween madness kicked him (in hind sight it’s just stand still traffic due to the large volume of cars trying to find parking).  i wanted to show her the best SD had to offer so I called up some friends and we kicked it.

until time next amigos