the best blog ever

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on July 11, 2010

i feel as this blog continues to mature, so does my photography, and my whole outlook on blogging itself.  what started as an experiment grew to a hobby, and eventually i hope this turns into something significant in peoples’ lives.  i’ve really been surprised/impressed with how many people are visiting it regardless of the content or intentions. and so i’m making strides to provide better representations of what i call interesting photography. most of what i write about is the daily happenings in my life, but every now and again i’ll throw in something informative. it’s been a crazy train ride this year with stress of grad school applications, getting the company started, moving, and keeping my life in order.  but perhaps all this madness is what keeps me going and allows me to do what i love.  cheers to some big things coming in the near future.

some unforgettable stories provided by mike and friends, filled with laughs and green jello on a july 4 weekend

my aunt lives in berkeley and has chickens in her backyard.  the second picture is a yellow onion, the parts you don’t eat

i met benny gold for the first time in sf and chatted with him about design.  he’s the type of person you look up to, and that image was further solidified after our discussions.  everything from his graphic art to how he handles the dynamics of his company is something i hope to achieve when failure launches.


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