picture time

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rachel left reno this week to pursue bigger things in pomona.  but before she did we grabbed some friends together and had a small barbecue at serena’s place.  i could tell you more about what went down that night, but i’d rather have you look these pictures of cho.  he’s everyone’s best friend.

now let’s fast forward a bit.  we’re down in upland and the move is going real well.  that night, we headed to famous dave’s for dinner.  as you might recall, they are one of the few names at the rib cook off who can actually pull of a win.  the sparks trophy even stands tall in the waiting room.  when you sit down, you’ll notice the table has around six different sauces, all of which are amazing.  don’t be surprised though if people steal from your basket…

on one particular day we all headed to ikea in search of a dining table, some house plants, and some basic essentials.  i’m not sure how many of these are in the greater los angeles area, but rachel and i were looking for the bathroom and faucet scenes from 500 days of summer.

it’s official, you’re a california girl now.


where is my power ring when i need it

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the inner nerd inside all of us

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i have yet to purchase my copy of starcraft ii.  the delay is not a result of huge spending habits or not being able to find a copy, i just don’t feel like i need to right now.  fives years prior i was like most teenage nerds.  i’d come home from public school and log onto the battle net for what seemed like days at a time.  at its core was a time consuming, social status degrading, sleep preventing sea urchin that traded three meals a day for ultimate victory over my opponents.  now this sounds undesirable and repulsive my friends, but i assure you it was worth it for a time.  however, i applaud those who purchased it and are currently perfecting the mad pwnage skillz. zerg all the way.

apologies for the huge delay

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coupled with the lack of internet availability and helping rachel settle into the new place, i have really slacked on this.  my bad guys and gals.  i’ll be back in town tonight so that the adventure can continue.  in the mean time, go out and reserve an audi a7.

hands down, best movie this summer

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dicaprio is like kobe bryant; simply the best.  but like the lakers, he wouldn’t be the best unless he had an all star team supported by actors, directors, producers…so forth.  inception is one of the purest examples that he’s at the top of his game right now, and worth watching twice or even three times (yeah, it’s that good).  oscar winner?  i wouldn’t think otherwise, but he’s not the only shining actor. you also have cast members jgl and tom hardy taking the spot light a few times with ice breakers during overly tense movements.  i’d dive further into the details of the plot, questions i personally have, and maybe even list show times i’ll be attending so you can follow me, but it’d be better if you just saw it yourselves…


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Rachel’s (Surprise/Tan already ruined it the night before) going away party was last night.  Sadly, most of the picture I took were took were too dark, but I was able to salvage a few.  I realized today after editing them that you really can’t be cheap on the brightness.  All things aside it was a fun party with lots of food, tons of chatter, sufficient amounts of shots being taken, and the important one, our chance to say goodbye before she leaves for school.  Now then, onward to the funny faces.

listen to paper tongues

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the best blog ever

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i feel as this blog continues to mature, so does my photography, and my whole outlook on blogging itself.  what started as an experiment grew to a hobby, and eventually i hope this turns into something significant in peoples’ lives.  i’ve really been surprised/impressed with how many people are visiting it regardless of the content or intentions. and so i’m making strides to provide better representations of what i call interesting photography. most of what i write about is the daily happenings in my life, but every now and again i’ll throw in something informative. it’s been a crazy train ride this year with stress of grad school applications, getting the company started, moving, and keeping my life in order.  but perhaps all this madness is what keeps me going and allows me to do what i love.  cheers to some big things coming in the near future.

some unforgettable stories provided by mike and friends, filled with laughs and green jello on a july 4 weekend

my aunt lives in berkeley and has chickens in her backyard.  the second picture is a yellow onion, the parts you don’t eat

i met benny gold for the first time in sf and chatted with him about design.  he’s the type of person you look up to, and that image was further solidified after our discussions.  everything from his graphic art to how he handles the dynamics of his company is something i hope to achieve when failure launches.

air max 90 infrared

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returns later this month sneaker heads

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