trout ponds, dog food, and rain

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on June 28, 2010

sierra city is a neat little town tucked away in the hills just north of auburn.  that was our destination this weekend and i logged the trip (somewhat…) as we made our daring journey through some dirt roads and into bambi’s domain.  along the way we saw some road kill, tons of chipmunks, and pine trees as far as the eye could see.  i’ll get into the trip as we move down, but i just wanted to make note of the mosquito bites i sustained.  one seems pretty serious, and yet, rachel has none…how does that work?

the population here is around 200 some odd people, most of which work for tourists who roll through.  the restaurants, the post office, the town store, and even the fire house all seem to have popped up out of a 1950’s comic.  yee haw.  down the road a bit was a trout pond where fishing noobs could feed/catch fish by hand almost.  they were even featured as a menu item, nurtured from pond to plate by what looked like dog pellets.

i really like the perspective on this pic.  towards the late afternoon, it started pouring down.  rachel and i found ourselves sprinting down a rocky path, willing to risk broken ankles just to get back to our cabin.

car clubs also seem to be the popular thing around the area.  during the end of a mine tour, a band of corvettes and vipers came around for some casual lunch and wine.

and here the rest of the mix.  i call it the rachel chapters


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  1. a.q. said, on August 9, 2010 at 11:59 am

    tan, you take such awesome pics! i admire you a lot for that…. other than you treating me to a wonderful expensive dinner when you get rich! 🙂

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