apple’s iPhone 4.0

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on June 7, 2010

we’d like to think that apple messed up.  that a particular employee ‘accidentally’ left a phone somewhere and another just happened to recognize it.  but who are we kidding, everything up ’til now has been perfectly executed by their marketing team.  they’re like the composers of the gadgetry world, and we won’t realize what a masterpiece they’ve created until years later.

so let’s get on with it then.  the highly coveted iPhone 4.0 was unveiled this morning and will be available to consumers, overnight campers, hardcore WoW players, and your average geek squad member june 24.   it’s slim, it’s sleek, and most importantly, it’s bringing everyone together and moving us towards a more technology dependent era.  mark your calendars and grab your tents, this will be way cooler than the first episode of star wars.


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