Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on May 11, 2010

has anyone ever urbandictionary’d their own name?  it’s pretty hilarious what comes up, i’ve been laughing for the past 15 minutes now.  try it.  here are some good ones from mine


  • A very hot and attractive asian, i saw a tan the other day
  • Majority of people believe that taking slow steps for developing melanoma is a great way to looking good, Hey I like your tan, Thanks I enjoy going to the tanning booth just as much as I enjoy malignant tumors
  • (verb): the act of messing up in a big way; failure; the name of a supposed curse spawned by gymnast Kevin Tan, whose failure was so massive it has allegedly begun to plague other athletes during the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, Damn, Kevin Tan really tanned it on the pommel horse. So did Alicia Sacramone/Tan
  • An stereotypical english person wearing union jack shorts, pissed up on cheap larger, and singing ‘no surrender’ and ruining the more picturesque squares of European cities, Why don’t you bleedin paddies support the England team then? 600 years of oppression you tan cunt.
  • Dance maneuvers used by a dancer so fast that the person they are dancing with have no clue of where they are; Ninja Skillz or Shadow dancing, I think I need a break from that dance floor, I just got tanned and i’m kind of dizzy.
  • Street term used for the drug heroin, Even through a sunblock, I done sold tan

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