snap shots

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Transworld will be hosting a photo contest with a grand prize of attending the High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s Photo Workshop at Mount Hood this Summer.  Here are the rules:

  • Photos have to be uploaded to the ”UPLOAD YOUR STUFF” part of TWSNOW.com
  • Include a simple caption; rider name, location, and photographer name
  • Tag with the keyword “seasons best”
  • Photos must be from 2009/10 season
  • Each photographer can only upload up to 3 images
  • Size the images 600 pixels on longest side at 72 dpi
  • Images must be submitted by the photographer

Winner is announced June 1st! I’m tempted to take part in this, but the snow is all but melted by now.


more bad news, esp for east coasters

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Here’s an image of what the currents look like in the Gulf.  The Loop Current circles around and heads towards Florida where it meets with the Gulf Stream and heads North.

And this is a satellite image taken by NASA.  As you can see, the oil is beginning to head east.  In a matter of days it will have reached Florida and head north.  So, the question is, when the oil starts to leak into the Atlantic, will it become an international problem?  BP is making a real mess of things…

to infinity…

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i, like some of you, am a huge fan of pixar and graphic design in general.  so i thought i’d share this with you when i came across it.  it’s a look inside pixar studios.

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2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS

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For the recent lotto winners, professional athletes, and CEOs in the crowd, here’s the 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS ($245,000). The most powerful road-legal Porsche, it’s fueled by a 3.6-liter engine producing 620 hp, good for a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph, with composite ceramic brakes to bring you back down to earth, helped along by 19-inch wheels sheathed in custom rubber created specifically for the GT2 RS. Other features include a black and red Alcantara interior, carbon fiber bodywork, adaptive suspension management, and the feeling that comes with knowing you’re one of only 500 people on earth who get to call one your own.

TH S10

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start the summer right with some threads from TH’s Summer line. click click.

arrogant seagulls

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it was nice for once yesterday so rachel and i headed out to watch a movie.  after about an hour, it ended and we headed to the park to feed some ducks.  we came across a school of baby geese in training and tried to load them up with bread.  however, if ever they were in the water, the seagulls would keep a close eye on those bread balls we tossed.  i swear, those damn seagulls…they’d swoop down head first to steal the food.  they’re vicious, self centered flying rats, and somebody oughta set them straight.  i hear alka seltzer gives them a rather nasty stomach ache.

today it rained, so much for a nice week…

NBA Jam for Wii

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Developed by EA with some help from original NBA Jam creator Mark Turmell, this new version will offer all the outlandish fun of the original, including one-liners from Tim Kitzrow, the announcer from the original game, goofy 3D player models with 2D heads, boss matchups including a showdown with Magic and Bird, and all the over-the-top dunks you could ask for.

in case you ever wondered

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here’s some interesting tid bits behind the facebook campaign that’s sweeping the entire world

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