los angelinos touchdown

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rachel and i are in pamona right now, just outside of los angeles, for her optometry school interview.  our flight was delayed about an hour, the rental car line took about 30 minutes, then another 30 minutes to our hotel.  time to relax for a minute.  here’s some pictures from a 35 cent ice cream run we had yesterday.


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back to my usual rugged hammer smashing, shooting range visiting, hard music listening self, so here’s a picture of drake

space, the final frontier

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call me nerd, but i think space is so fascinating.  i look at night sometimes and think about how large the universe could possible be?  it’s so vast and unknown…like 22 seasons of unsolved mysteries.  time to join a telescope club…don’t judge me

one a day is just fine

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the weekend brought us some nice weather, so roger and i headed up to pyramid again to try and catch the big one.  all together, we got a ton of hooks, lost probably record fish, but caught only one…and it was on my rod.  i was reminded that you can’t really find many areas that offer 10 lb fish like pyramid does, which is why we just fish here.  we even met up with some old friends and i was given a handful of beetles.  schwing!  on sunday rachel and i caught to aces game with seats behind home plate.  not a bad way to start the summer.

amazing, or just really fake

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i know i’ve discussed failure a few times with you people.  i haven’t updated that tab in a while, but i’ll let you know that things are starting to come together.  tin and i are rolling out ideas, i’m working on designs everyday, and we’re carefully planning the steps ahead.  i’m hoping to have some products on hand by the end of summer.  there’s still so much work  to do such as samples, revisions, the business aspects, and speaking with shop owners.

if everything goes well, we’ll have around handful of shirts and sweatshirts out.  come out and support us!  i’ll try and get some sneak peaks up on this in the coming weeks, but i can’t give away anything yet or it will ruin the surprise.

back in black

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so it’s been a quick minute, but sorry for the delays.  i was away in mexico on a cruise with the family.  i’ll break it down for you day by day.  that way you won’t have to spend the money and still get the adventure.  so here’s how it goes.

day 1: you get to la early at the butt crack of dawn to avoid traffic, then you plant yourself somewhere nice for breakfast and wait until boarding time.  tin picked up some snacks at a store which consisted of bbq’d baby crabs.  strange.  once you’re through the scanners and on the boat, hit up the lunch bar for some much needed food and get comfy because you’ll be sleeping in dorm rooms sized rooms.

hmm…weird.  i take it seriously when someone steals my name.

day 2: arrive at catalina island. to your surprise, it’s not that big of an island. it’s overcast today so you decide to pick up a sweatshirt on the way out.  the fun is part definitely riding in the mini boats that carry you to shore.  around noon time you grab some fish and chips and decide it’s pretty boring so you head back to the boat and check out the casino, which sadly, is closed for now.  it’s here that i lost tons of money, but there really isn’t much else to do.  continuing on.  let’s hit the bars, grab some drinks, head off to dinner and enjoy a nice double dose of lobster tail.  gotta keep it real.

damn…a broken chain link always sucks.

in between, you can always pass the time with a good game of words with friends.

day 3: by now you’re use to the rocking of the boat, the small closet sized bathrooms, and the toilet (which sounds like a jet engine taking off after every flush).  today we land in mexico so it’s time to hit the street and start hustling people for what they’re worth.  maybe head down some alley ways, maybe go to the docks, maybe even go to the cigar and mexican art shop.  it seems like at every stop, the vendors are outrageously knowledgeable at whatever it is they’re selling.  we listened to shark stories and the fisherman showed us deformed babies with down syndrome, three eyes, two heads, and bent spines.  then we dropped a dollar.  next we headed to the liquor shop and learned about the differences in tequilla, how it’s made, and even tried some.  towards the end of the day, tin and i picked up one cigar for 17 bucks.

only for the extreme male.  i’m extreme, and i couldn’t even buy this one.

this one had a scorpion in it.

day 4: they call this the “fun day at sea,” and they’re right about the “sea” part.  moving on.

day 5: the boat has landed and it’s time to head back to land.  don’t forget to say goodbye to the towel animals, they have feelings too.  we spent a day in LA to do some shopping and eat some breakfast at a great dim sum restaurant.  the food was amazing and so were the prices.  it’s always a good sign when the table is somewhat messy and the plates are empty.  the rest is really up to you, but we headed to westminster to hang out, grab some coffee, and then begin the long trip home.

take me out

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last night the wolf pack took on the reno aces…sort of.  it was an exhibition match and i believe the unr team got a aaa pitcher and catcher to even out the playing field (no pun intended).  ross and i sat pretty close up and enjoyed some of the best reno had to offer (spilled popcorn, broken bats, terrible dancing, and funny hecklers).  the highlight of the night was when alphie fell over the dugout.  everyone stood up in silence, and then he/she emerged with arms up and once again everyone cheered.

our neighbors were nice enough to give us some of their peanuts and we did what most people probably did: talk about more baseball, look at foul balls, and argue about who more right.  soon after the temperature started to drop and it went from comfortably warm to freezing.  so at the middle of the 7th (or was it the end?), we bailed.

go sharks.