Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on January 27, 2010

here are my thoughts about tonight’s address.  my ideas have changed over the past year about president obama; some good, some bad.  as a college student, it’s tough to keep up with all the important events happening in senate, or even in my own town, so i had no opinion on some of the topics.  i haven’t exactly seen a ton of change happen around here, but maybe i’m looking in the wrong places, or just not looking at all.  as it was so well put, ” change isn’t easy.”  he continues to say it’ll get messy, noisy, and complicated, but that’s just how it is.  i think he brought a good point because in reality, some of us expect him to do everything and expect results.

towards the end, it got quiet.  you could tell on some of their faces they were skeptical.  i think i even caught someone falling asleep.  but i also think he struck a few nerves, and wasn’t afraid to bring up more personal subjects.  he clearly drew lines between both parties.  see, the thing about obama is he can joke around and entertain a crowd, but he’s also authentic and real, which is why i chose that word for my title.  he brought up all the relevant subjects such as education, the war, health care, energy (most important), and kept out all the bullshit…and the fluff.

the most surprisingly thing about tonight was how focused and connected he was.  he addressed the entire nation, not just a room, and it was evident in his strong tone and how he stared in the camera at times.  it’s hard to see that it’s already been a year, but i know we’re making progress and he’s working to the very last drop of energy.  for the most part, i think everyone was with him…except for the military and supreme court, they categorized under dinosaurs.  we’ll look back and say he was the better man for the job.

otherwise voldemort will win.

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