you can’t swing a cat that’s for sure

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on December 5, 2009

i realized after sitting down that most of my pictures sucked in quality, save for a few.  here’s a quick recap of my trip to san jose to visit tin, up to sf to catch up with my boss and the rest of the office from hundreds hq, and my uncle and aunt

the first is a picture of the sky, it was littered with pinks and reds, more than the usual you’d see in reno.  just the view from tin’s backyard was amazing.  now mix that with the sky and you’ll practically have the perfect make out point.  the hundreds warehouse sale had a good line with kids waiting up to 2.5 hours to score some new threads at the lowest deals.  i caught up with my boss Scott (you probably known him as Switch) and shook hands with bobby, ben, jon, brian, nate and a few others.  lastly, i headed to berkeley to catch up with aunt mattison and uncle who just had a baby, little magnus and watched the alabama waste florida before heading back over the hill


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