the cure for cupcakes.

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on June 1, 2009

this will be the first of many new opinions and solutions because i want to incorporate a little more than just pictures in my blog.  i’d like to interconnect with all aspects of my life, things i love and hate, and some things that are just wack.  so to start, lets talk about ‘cupcaking’

if there’s one thing that i’ve learned, its that sometimes, people can cupcake just a little TOO much.  i mean come on, honestly!  is it awkward for you all too, or just me when a couple is within hearing parameters and starts the ‘baby talk.’  you know the one, where the guy changes the normal tone of his voice when in ‘girlfriend mode’ and sounds more like a 3rd grader trying to have a conversation.  and you (or me), get stuck in a room where you either can’t avoid it

and so my cure for it is this: keep it in the privates people.  thats right, do it at home, or when you two are in a park, not at a party, not when you’re out at the bars.  peace all around

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