not in my house dampier.

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christmas and a little more.

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merry christmas and happy holidays everyone.  i’m excited that it’s almost been a year since I started this blog.  i think i need to find a way to make it more exciting so i can get more viewers.  eventually, i might turn this into a blog for a company tin and i are trying to start.  as far as a name, we are still in the works.  ultimately, we would like to design an entire line from shirts to hats, jeans and finally, have other companies come to us to design for them.  

on the other side, i recently went to san francisco with rachel.  we had some dim sum and korean bbq which was amazing and did lots of shopping for christmas.  the entire trip was pretty draining and we ended up with a parking ticket, sore feet and chain controls over the mountain.  but overall, it was so much fun and i think i’d like to move there some day. 

enough of talk, here are some pictures.


this one laughs when you tickle it in the stomach.  it was something i wanted to get when i got a 25 dollar gift card to cvs pharmacy.  


one weekend, i spent 7 hours playing the new call of duty.  it’s pure madness



the first snow in reno comes a bit late this year.


there is a skating rink in union square?



adam is everywhere.  even on your girlfriends water bottles.




and finally, a white christmas.  i don’t think i’ve seen one in a while.

street fighter.

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triumvir released their street fighter line tonight.  i was a big fan of the game when i was kid, but i’m not so sure if i could wear it as clothes.  it’s a pretty cool design, but i have too many t shirts.  the entire collection reminds me of the movie, the extremely low budgeted one with Van Damme, remember?  i think they should remake the movie, i mean if dragonball is coming out, (and it looks pretty gay by the way), they should pump money into this idea.  check it out.



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i just saw this movie and i probably would not recommend it…to anyone.

why 3-4 jobs are necessary.

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i had an interview at Dynamic Isolation Systems today off of the USA Parkway Exit.  if you have lived in a reno for quite some time, you’ll know that USA Parkway is about 15 minutes east of sparks.  the great thing about this place is that it is a nice clean office and they do some pretty cool things.  they design isolators, which you put underneath building structures and bridges, in order to keep them from failing during earthquakes.  well, i got that job. sweet.

yesterday, i also got a job as a graphic designer at Inkblot productions.  they create designs for almost everything at school: billboards, internet ads, banners and t shirts for events.  it’ll be a good way for me to learn illustrator because i see a lot more people using that these days.  it’ll also give me a chance to catch up on my hand drawing skills because i intend to do a bit of hand graphics as well and scan them in.

other than that, i work at the library and for dr. tian doing a research project.  that makes 4 jobs right now, but the research project ends at the end of the year.  i never really prepared myself for so many jobs, but i see myself working around 30-40 hours next semester.  with only 12 credits, this looks like the big break i’m looking for.  on the other hand, i am still deciding what i want to do with my life once i finish school.


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sorry for lack of updates.  its a full week of presentations, submitting projects, and i haven’t had time to update.  but i do have a few pictures from my thanksgiving weekend.  we’ll be back after this short break…