duck season.

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on November 11, 2008

for veterans day, i should have spent my time studying, getting some work done, designing a shirt, or even going to the gym.  instead, i pretty much sat around all day waiting for basketball to start.  other than going to the park with rachel, i’d say this day was unproductive.  oh a side note, winter is approaching fast, so i’m thinking about buying a season pass to kirkwood or which ever is cheapest and within driving distance.  on top of that, i need to figure out what i’m going to do about this job situation.  i’d say i haven’t slowed down in normal purchases such as clothes, food, and more clothes.  i’m running out of money quick, and checking out books just doesn’t cut it anymore.



on our little adventure into the park, we fed some ducks.  once they caught on, every duck in the pond practically ambushed us.  in particular was a white half swan, half duck looking one who swam with what seemed like a gimpy leg. 



rachel isn’t this pale, the picture turned out this way once i finished editing it.  i think it’s pretty neat.  there’s the white duck i told you about.





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