hungry again.

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someone take me to the belagio buffet please.  thanks.



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fun with fondue.

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tonight, chris made some fondue for dinner and we invited some friends over.  i’ll be honest, i feel like i’m going to have heart burn because i can feel the oil going down my throat into my stomach.  the bread and cheese fondue was AMAZING.  the dinner portion was cooked in oil and that may have been a little much, perhaps a once a year thing since it’s probably not so healthy.  it took the entire day to prepare the meal, on and off chopping and dicing sessions.  overall, a good weekend.  here’s a look.









so so close.

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i like this one.

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the stangely tasteful.

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this past weekend i took a trip to sacramento with my parents, something i haven’t done in a long long time.  typically, it involves getting off at the fruitridge exit and making our way to little asia.  off of stockton you’ll find some of the best noodle shops, boba bars, asian groceries stores, and vietnamese chess players (or whatever the game is).  stangely enough, i found some odd foods, and saw my transportation proffessor there.  heres a look.



TK Noodle House, my favorite.  i got all this for about 5 bucks.  i didn’t eat everything though.  


these plants had some pods on them, perhaps to catch falling rain.  i’m not sure what happens from there.  the man tried to scare me away and tell me not to take pictures, but i did sucka.



inside the grocery store, my parents went right for the greens.  i’m not going to lie, my mom makes some damn good bok choy.


if you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s an ox penis.  supposedly, it’s good for sex so says my mom.  *awkward*


hard to believe that by the end of the day, these trays of chicken guts and livers and kidneys and everything nice are cleaned out



shark steaks?  i wonder if they’re any good.


my favorite section, the ramen isle.  there are approximately 66 different kinds, and plus


shortly after, we dropped by the temple for some praying


hey look, i found tin’s office.  i didn’t know he was an immigrant consultant, figures.


at the end of the day, we all just want to go shopping.  so my dad takes us to arden mall and my sister spends the better half of our 2 hour trip there in the kid store called libby lu.  if it’s not that, then its justice.  why do these stores keep popping up?

fall dance.

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thursday and friday.


$13 dollars for students.


duck season.

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for veterans day, i should have spent my time studying, getting some work done, designing a shirt, or even going to the gym.  instead, i pretty much sat around all day waiting for basketball to start.  other than going to the park with rachel, i’d say this day was unproductive.  oh a side note, winter is approaching fast, so i’m thinking about buying a season pass to kirkwood or which ever is cheapest and within driving distance.  on top of that, i need to figure out what i’m going to do about this job situation.  i’d say i haven’t slowed down in normal purchases such as clothes, food, and more clothes.  i’m running out of money quick, and checking out books just doesn’t cut it anymore.



on our little adventure into the park, we fed some ducks.  once they caught on, every duck in the pond practically ambushed us.  in particular was a white half swan, half duck looking one who swam with what seemed like a gimpy leg. 



rachel isn’t this pale, the picture turned out this way once i finished editing it.  i think it’s pretty neat.  there’s the white duck i told you about.




this is awesome.

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and its been a while.

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sorry for lack of posts, i have been somewhat busy and you probably don’t want to hear about my boring life just yet.  sit tight, there should be some exciting things this weekend.