the big day.

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on October 24, 2008

tomorrow is my FE exam.  i ate some elk meat tonight for dinner, my first time and i must say it’s pretty damn good.  now i’m just waiting for the clock to tick away until bed time so i can wake up around 6:30am to take a test.  wish me luck.

and this winter, once i work out my job situation, i’m going to buy all of these. 


my second home.

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in the past year alone, i oftenly find myself somewhere on POST street leap or Van Ness looking for something to buy.  whether its playing frogger during the green light, or getting lost in a crowd, i’ve been to the city more times than i’ve gone to shopping malls here.  whats nice is that my aunt recently purchased a new house, so i always have a place to stay.  and with 2.5 hours to burn, i can make the trip driving the way i do.  the city is my second home and last weekend i escaped with rachel to see her friend alix.  if there was one thing i took from the trip, it was definitely our visit to the academy of sciences.  the doors have been opened for a few weeks so i suggest checking that out.  

note to self though, don’t go to dim sum past 3.  it’s just awkward.

the pixar studios in emeryville, its such a secret what goes on in here sometimes

national republic of china day, i’m not exactly sure how to celebrate this

flowers from my aunts wedding party

mucho alcohol..o

bloomingdales, this was just a nice dome

and last but not least, a picture of some asian men.  i think i’ll eventually end up here someday

more so often than not.

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sorry for the lack of updates.  i’ve been busy trying to get my life together for the FE exam, a national test for engineers ready to graduate.  in simple terms, it will give me a certificate that says “Engineering Intern” so that makes it official.  i can also sign my name 

Tan Cao, F.E 

haha, no one does that.

it’s homecoming week and i managed to snap a few shots of the talent show and the art show.  i have class so i’ll have to make this short.  cheers.

‘a maverick he is not’

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biden did a great job tonight, he delivered a severe knock down to palin and at the very least, made her re consider re-writing her resume for vice presidency.  go blue team.