two things.

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on September 21, 2008

Travis Barker and DJ AM

i was stunned when I heard about this.  i still love blink’s music and i listen to it everyday.  i’m not to familiar with am, but i know he’s big in vegas and a huge icon around the nation.  after hearing stories from mike, it makes me wonder how exactly things can turn for the worst.  i guess thats why you have so many checks before lift off, but still you can never be too sure.  

this aircraft is fairly new and it’s still under investigation as to what went wrong.  i hope these guys make it through.


two weeks ago, nikon released their D90.  i have a new favorite camera.  retailed at about 1000 for the body, you get a whole lotta camera for a reasonable price in terms of dslr.  i saw this bad boy in the ad at best buy while i was hanging out with rachel and i’m not going to lie, i practically had my mouth open because i’ve been waiting for this to come out.

here are some specs:  up to 3200 for ISO (Quite high, seems like a lot of noise to me),  ability to record 720p HD videos!!, 12.3 mega pix, and an advanced precision shutter that will last until the next millenium.

go buy yours now!
Ritz Camera


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