san francisco.

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on August 17, 2008

this past weekend i headed up to albany with the little sister. there, we had quite the adventure finding tiny pokemon key chains, eating plates of rice and barbeque pork, and hanging out with me in the hundreds store.  i picked up a few things from IKEA for my room.  i love that store.  picked up a new pair of sweet jeans, and just ate like it was going out of style.  here’s my story:

this was just an interesting plant i found in the yard. i’m not quite sure what it was, but the color came out nice.

my aunts new house is under reconstruction, so my sister and i spent the night in this sweet little pad, literally. we spent the night playing iSpy. and guess what, it was the tent most of the time.

strangely, the interior was freakishly similar to my roommates old house.

i’m not sure why, but michelle seems to have a thing for modeling. she’s always looking somewhere and not smiling, i can see her in a magazine one day.

the next morning, we headed up to get some breakfast with the aunt and uncle. i had some french toast with eggs on top, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar. sounds pretty good huh? well, i found out i don’t have a thing for sunny side up eggs.

after that we headed into the city and searched for days, DAYS, for post street.

i love the structures in san francisco.

and i have no clue what’s going on here…kudos

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