pack our bags and get away.

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so far, this weekend has been pretty fuggin fantastic.  friday night, tin came down for the rib cook off.  i stopped by school to catch some photos of the band cartel.  their music is pretty popular, but not too many kids showed up for their performance.  i think if i was the band, i’d be a little disappointed and i would hold back a little too.  nonetheless, it was nice hearing their songs live.

then it was off to the lake for a day.  i haven’t been to the lake in a few months, so it was nice to catch some sun again.  i was looking forward to evening out my tan lines, but the sun wasn’t my friend that day.  i didn’t really get that much darker.

damn, you got more rolls than a bakery.


reno rib cook off.

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after running around town, not literally, but i had lots of errands to do, i made it home just in time for some fun.  matt, chris and i headed off to the rib cook off to grab some grub.  the parking was insane as usual and there were cones set up everywhere.  what ever happened to free public parking?!  there’s no saved seats.  this reminds me of forrest gump when all the kids would say ‘can’t sit heeya’

i saw lots of familiar faces that night, some friendly and some not so much.  good food, yet not so good prices.  the ribs are tasty and spicy this year, but i haven’t found a place that really deserves my money a second time.

on the way to the bank, this idiot left his card in the machine with the transaction window open.  whoever you are, i just wanted to say you’re been served.

this was just funny, mainly because of the literally irony behind it.

good times in a cup.

damn you look good and i’m drunk.

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tonight roger and i just could not find a single thing to eat in the house. it’s pretty slim pickens here. so, i gave a quick call to the mother and she made us something better than anything i’ve made since being here. school is just around the corner and i’m excited to see some old friends, meet some new ones, and especially excited to see the girlfriend this weekend. take it easy peeps, and if it’s easy, go ahead and take it twice.

this is my workspace.

this is my sleepspace.

good stuff. yum.

san francisco.

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this past weekend i headed up to albany with the little sister. there, we had quite the adventure finding tiny pokemon key chains, eating plates of rice and barbeque pork, and hanging out with me in the hundreds store.  i picked up a few things from IKEA for my room.  i love that store.  picked up a new pair of sweet jeans, and just ate like it was going out of style.  here’s my story:

this was just an interesting plant i found in the yard. i’m not quite sure what it was, but the color came out nice.

my aunts new house is under reconstruction, so my sister and i spent the night in this sweet little pad, literally. we spent the night playing iSpy. and guess what, it was the tent most of the time.

strangely, the interior was freakishly similar to my roommates old house.

i’m not sure why, but michelle seems to have a thing for modeling. she’s always looking somewhere and not smiling, i can see her in a magazine one day.

the next morning, we headed up to get some breakfast with the aunt and uncle. i had some french toast with eggs on top, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar. sounds pretty good huh? well, i found out i don’t have a thing for sunny side up eggs.

after that we headed into the city and searched for days, DAYS, for post street.

i love the structures in san francisco.

and i have no clue what’s going on here…kudos

insert some witty title here.

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this is serious.

frogskin feva.

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these are sick. i’m going to buy these right now.

sizzling august after hours, part un

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nick and i went out to the peppermill tonight and checked out some of the cars. it was a little warm outside, i’d say around 80 degrees f. i took a few pictures of inside the casino and within minutes they had a secret agent track my scent down and ask me not to shoot photos of the games. wow, that was fast. here’s a peak of what you might see this weekend.

some of these had the suicide doors, reminds me of the gangster days with dick tracy and tommy guns.

nice pearls

and last but not least, we rolled in away in this sweet little gem. had everyone one turning their heads too.

picture, this.

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roger and i are in hawaii. *aloha aloha*