breathe in breathe out.

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its my final week of summer school.  from then on, i can focus back on work.  with summer coming even closer to an end, i’ve in a rush to make as much money as i can with the clock ticking.  after that, who knows.  you might find me behind some counter making drink orders, or i could always continue handing out sushi tabs.  eh, maybe not.

summer movie series tonight.  this week’s feature was 88.

more bicycle pictures. i’m trying to push forward the idea of doing a feature on fixies.  i really need to get one.

i made a short pit stop to walmart after the movie to pick up some essentials.   everytime i go back it seems like the toothepaste multiplies in variety. check this one out, it says ‘polishing mint action’.  is that what it really feels like?

and what the HECK is this?  it reads, and i quote “his excites. her delights. together they ignite.”  the f*&k is that suppose to mean?


remembering sunday.

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dark knight.

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dark knight was great last night. a bit drawn out at the end, but great none the less.

where was robin?

and another one.

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we’re finally moved into the house!! most of the boxes are packed and stuffed away in the endless amounts of drawer space we have here. tonight is our house warming party and i’m hoping lots of people can make it. when we’re not hanging around the house playing pool, we’re probably watching movies on our big screen, or roger is working on his bike, or i’m cleaning the kitchen. but its fucking sweet.

just around the bend.

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here are two more fixies i built.  i think one of these will be the one i decide to buy.

p.s i’m moving at the end of the week.  we’ve decided that the 19th of july will be our house warming party.  please come!  let me know in advance so i can get enough food and drinks for everyone.


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with the rising gas prices, i’ve been doing some research and looking at a few bike shops for fixies. so far, i’ve discovered that bikes are outrageously outside of my price range. i don’t think i could ever spend 800 on a bike, but they are nice and they will eventually save me money and maybe even pay for itself. here’s the capo from cannondale. it’s 800.

and here is the langster from specialized. its 740


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i’m taking pictures for our school photo-journalistic magazine. this issues assignment involve the knowledge center, pho 777, and some other restaurant i can’t think of right now. i’m still waiting for my d80 to be delivered, which should be tomorrow. in the mean time, i have a d200 to play with. here are a couple test photos from a battle mountain gas station.

p.s i move into the house in about 2 weeks!!