can’t stop the shindig.

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the wedding pictures were finally released online.  the quality is really great and i’m trying to someday get to this level, but the amount of money i’ll need to invest in lenses is staggering.  i’ll definitely order a few pictures with my coupon saver.  in the meantime, enjoy a few of my favorites.

my brother and his girlfriend are too cool for pictures

corona always up to no good

i like to dance after a few drinks, especially by myself

afternoon robot action what?


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before i shut my engines down and leave it on cruise control, there are a few things i would like to say about the weekend.

one: i finally got my POST hat, and aside from the minor defects and quality, it’s pretty damn suhweet.

two: sino, in santana row, is expensive as hell for drinks, but, it’s so worth it.

three: korean bbq is not something you should fill yourself up with, because it doesn’t taste as good towards the end when you’re uncomfortably full.  and it’s expensive too, but so worth it

four: i’ve spent too much money already on things that are worth it, so for the rest of the summer, i’m going to be a hermit crab

can you find tin and i in this picture?

oh POST hat what?

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it’s finally time for me to head up to San Francisco and once again mingle with the hundreds beasts in line for the post cap.  i guess i was wrong last time and i had tin drive up to the city only to find out with was releasing a week later.  sorry tin, my bad.

we’ve been waiting since march for this hat to come out, and now it’s finally ours!  see you there peeps.

on other news, i finally bought my camera body.  now i’m on the hunt for a lens that worth my time and money.  i’ll eventually want a 15-55mm and a fish eye lens to take my pictures, but that’ll be a while until i can work up some funds for that.  i love my work.

do work.

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here’s a spreadsheet of something i did at work today.  super cool.  if you can’t guess what it is, it’ll be a future site for a parking lot.

hulk smash.

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the hulk is better than most people are giving it credit for.  it makes up for the horrible firs movie that came out a few years ago, and in case some of you didn’t notice, the movie incorporated actors from the first hulk flick back in the the 1980s.  the cameo of tony stark at the end really gets me thinking of what marvel has in store in the next coming years.


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here’s a look at the rosewood collection coming out for the summer. tin and i have been waiting for the POST hats to release and now i can’t get them because i have work. i hope he can come through tomorrow.

you may unfasten them if you’d like.

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this is the spotted hand fish.  IT HAS HANDS!!!

is that not the wildest thing you’ve ever seen or what?

just one of the many things you’ll see on the Blue Planet DVD.

good mornin.

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this past weekend has been lots of driving and no time to sleep.  thursday i didn’t go to bed until around 3 or 4.  friday morning i woke up and drove to santa clara.  i arrived there around 3:30 and played some beer die to kill time until the concert.  tin, ryan, tyler and i took off to the hp pavilion and it was packed with asians, not surprising i guess to others.  it almost seemed that everyone and their mother was buying the blue glow in the dark kanye shirts.  making a long story short, the concert was F*ING amazing.  ryan though, had his arms crossed, but i think he knew the words to some of the songs.  he’s too cool sometimes.  here’s the breakdown:

7 pm – lupe.  who didn’t even know it was him until 15 minutes into the show, we all thought it was kanye

8 pm – n*e*r*d hyped up the crowd.  super sick set up with two drummers and a screen in the back.

9 pm – rihanna.  she had this crazy black space skin tight suit on with a dress.  tyler knew all the words to every song and was ready to leave after she was done.

10 pm – crowd wave

1030 pm – kanye steals the entire show with lights, fogs, flames, and 5 crazy projection screens.  2 encore songs and i won the bet of the last song before the encores.

this was the stage at the hp pavilion.  tyler guessed it was somewhere around 14-15,000 seats open.  all the tickets were sold out, but not every seat was filled.  resellers were charging around 250 on ticketmaster and i got mine for around 70 after taxes.  we even called an agency that was selling front row floor tickets for $10 grand each.  haha, i bet someone was crazy or rich enough to buy those.

these were where our seats were.  2nd level, with super steep steps.  the only irritating thing about the whole thing was the people near the middle of the row that got up and left every chance they got.  so we had to stand up each time and try to avoid close contact spooning.

i was able to pass out around 2 am and wake up at 6 am to drive back to reno for the wedding.  this was the view from the wedding.  the place where the ceremony was held was supposedly an old home previously owned by ferra faucet.  who is that anyways?  the lunch was really good and i took note on my cell phone to try and remake it all.  other than kiet singing and a few of the kids running around, the life of the party was kept alive our crazy dances and alcohol.  overall, it was pretty reserved and no one got drunk, but i on the other hand had wine, champagne, coronas.  all of which besides the beer were pretty hard to go down.

good weekend.

change we can believe in?

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this is a piece by Ron English. it’s a bit interesting because it got me thinking about the presidential race. i watched a speech by him yesterday and i must say, he really knows how to organize to a crowd and get them moving. i really do think this ‘change’ he’s been talking about is going to happen. the critics were also saying there has never been a candidate as inspiration or as engaging in a race such as this one, comparing him to such figures are lincoln, roosevelt, and truman. regardless of what types of criticism he’s been receiving, he has young america backing him.  we really are one nation and one people who are in need of change now.  fired up, ready to go.