hey mama.

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on May 11, 2008

mothers day means two things to me: awesome dinners, and awesome talks with yo motha. haha, mi scusi. today my dad made some really great dishes, some of which i’ll try to bring to the bbq on wednesday. the pictures came out funny so i’m still trying to work on it. i’ll be picking up a camera this summer once i start working. in the mean time, here’s a taste of what is to come.

dish un: special salad. a combination of crunchy, spicy, sweet and sour mixed into one.

dish deux. chinese broccoli. i love this the most, and it’s simple to make.

dish trois: theres no official name, so i’ll call this special potatoes. because they’re potatoes and they’re specially made of course.

dish quatre: super sized shrimps. tossed around with some spices i guess, it’s really a mystery how my dad makes these.

dish cinq: beef. i grilled these steaks until they were perfect in every way, so i’ll call these kick ass perfect meat things for your face.

that’s my sister michelle. we kick it sometimes.

the man. throwing it up one time for all you suckas.

and my mother. who by the way is better than yo motha. happy mothers day!

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