new camera.

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sorry for lack of updates, i’m in the works of buying a new camera within the next week. i’ll post a nice some pictures once i get that going.

other than work, not much has been going on this week. i did some major driving, first to carson and back to measure the area of a parking lot. i think its going to be pulverized and repaved. then i took a trip to battle mountain and back to deliver a bid. its a good 3 hours each way going east on i-80. past fallon, there was nothing else to look at out there except for hills and dirt. to keep awake, i imagined i was speed racer and i was racing to save the world from aliens, like the ones from the mars attacks movie

the kanye concert in san jose is just around the corner and i leave thursday night. then its back up to reno saturday morning for a wedding. my plan is to get smashed at this wedding (wedding crashers style where jeremy can’t stop eating and sprays the crowd with champagne)

one: because i’ve never done it before.
two: because there will be great stories to tell all night
three: because i’ve never done it before.


lets talk bbq.

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tonight we had a small bbq at my cousins house.  really good food.  i’m still at that point where i feel like i went a little over the top with eating.  maybe a couple laps around the house will help.

tri tip.

D was the entertainment tonight.  he chooses who eats and who doesn’t.

this would be a perfect for an alstate commercial.  are you in good hands?


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today i made a trip to carson for the grand opening of my friend’s restaurant genghix. the proceeds for lunch went towards the red cross in a relief effort for the china earthquake disaster. for the past few months, he’s been hard at work getting the licenses, setting up and preping with his dad for the public. the food was great and i got chat with an old friend. good thing to mark on your calendar though, he turns 21 in december and he wants a beer-olympics. 5 man/woman teams, dress code required (come up with some kind of costume), team name, and bring your seriousness because it’s a legend in the making.

andrew is all about business.

mike is all about…the ladies

support a good cause.

1480 n carson street
carson city, nv 89701


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work i do.

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i won’t have as much time to update my blog because i’ll be at work all week for most of the summer. but for anyone who’s just dying to know, i’m an intern for granite construction. i drive out to kingvale, which is about an hour up i-80 and i’m stationed at a temporary office working under the project manager, engineers, and assistants. the job is a cal-trans co operation in resurfacing the highway and placing concrete on top of whats already there, and we make sure everything is moving according to plan.

this is my awesome work truck that gets me everywhere.

think safety guys.  seriously…

whoah, lois, this is not my batman glass.

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rog, adam, daniel, john, and i went to pyramid today after an eventful night of drunken roger. you should ask him about the biker and how hilarious he acts when he’s had about 7-8 games of beer pong in him. the weather was great today, somewhere in the 80s to 90s out at the lake. pelican beach was full of cars, but we were lucky enough to find a spot where boats, jet skis, swimmers, and other fisherman hadn’t set up shop yet. now i’m hungry since i haven’t eaten yet. again sorry for the quality, the only camera i had was my cell phone. enjoy.

this little guy was around 24″ if i had to guess. he was a real fighter too, props to adam for helping me net him.

aahh muh eat chu.. (damn my arm looks good)

the title is referenced to peter in family guy in case you didn’t know. google that shizz.

summer begins.

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its about 8:47 am and i’m officially done with finals. yes! here’s something nice to open up the morning: the hundreds summer look book is finally up.  here are some summer must haves for all you beasts out there.  its a good thing hundreds SF opened, it’s conveniently closer to reno than the LA store.

the weather is great today.  go fly some kites people.


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hey mama.

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mothers day means two things to me: awesome dinners, and awesome talks with yo motha. haha, mi scusi. today my dad made some really great dishes, some of which i’ll try to bring to the bbq on wednesday. the pictures came out funny so i’m still trying to work on it. i’ll be picking up a camera this summer once i start working. in the mean time, here’s a taste of what is to come.

dish un: special salad. a combination of crunchy, spicy, sweet and sour mixed into one.

dish deux. chinese broccoli. i love this the most, and it’s simple to make.

dish trois: theres no official name, so i’ll call this special potatoes. because they’re potatoes and they’re specially made of course.

dish quatre: super sized shrimps. tossed around with some spices i guess, it’s really a mystery how my dad makes these.

dish cinq: beef. i grilled these steaks until they were perfect in every way, so i’ll call these kick ass perfect meat things for your face.

that’s my sister michelle. we kick it sometimes.

the man. throwing it up one time for all you suckas.

and my mother. who by the way is better than yo motha. happy mothers day!

summer summer time.

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it was really nice weather for a change. michelle and i went outside to do some work on the pavement. check out our mad skills. i couldn’t find my camera so i used my phone to capture these. the lighting is a bit off and some are fuzzy, like the effect you get on the pirates of the caribbean set, or when an obese whale just sat on you and you’re seeing stars (haha, be imaginative)

on the same note: how does tanning spray work? you’d think by having the name ‘tan’ i’d be more accustomed to these types of things. but i’m really lost when it comes to directions. i think i went overboard with the spraying because it clearly doesn’t say how much you are suppose to put.

the hundreds is everywhere!  haha, sorry i couldn’t resist. 

shot for shot.