recap on this weekend.

Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on April 13, 2008


5 p.m – tin and i head down to ben’s to check out their chit on kegs. we picked up a half keg of coors light and dropped it off at roger’s.

8:30 pm – tin and i leave the house after dinner and head back down to rogers to start the partay. surprisingly, we were the first ones there. the first tap we had apparently didn’t work. i thought something smelled funny when i couldn’t feel any pressure. turns out the seal was broken

9 pm – nothing, we’re still the only ones there

10 pm – nothing, we’re still the only ones there

11 pm – 12 am – we’ve been playing beer pong for a while and people start showing up. kai and I killed the competition and won something on the order of 7 rounds. then things started getting fuzzy

12:15 am – i don’t really remember what happens next in terms of order, but i remember shots of tequila, beer pong and someone screaming ‘HUGE titties!’ with an ascending tone.

12: something…just take a look at the pics and you can decide what happens.


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