mackay week.

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here are some pictures of the events going on this week. check them out, you might see them in next week’s copy of The Sagebrush.

awesome mustache competition. rob won the award for mackay spirit. i mean look at that pretty mustache.

unr drumline came out for monday’s event and put on an awesome show. too bad nick cannon wasn’t there to drop his sticks.

ross even made a special appearance

reno’s own dj miller, president of pi kappa, representative of red bull, part-time hitman, and judge of the event, was holding it down at the cycling booth

72 hours of continuous pedaling, and those seats suck to sit in too. word.


it was this ” ” big.

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i headed up to pyramid earlier today with Rog and Kai. and i caught this whale of a fish while i was out there. rog was convinced it was 25 inches, but it looked more like 27. he didn’t catch any by the way, he just hooked a few so laugh at him if you see him in the hallways. i’m winning 1-0.


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if you live in the northwest reno/verdi/mogul area, then you know there have been a string of earthquakes lately. Last night around midnight to early morning, we got hit pretty hard with a 4.7. the shelves shook and fell off, barely missing one of my friends. back home, some picture frames mounted on the wall fell off. but the stores got hit pretty hard. check out the pics. here’s the story from channel 2.

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake shook Northern Nevada at 11:40 pm Friday night. Afterward, more than 120 aftershocks kept the ground shaking. A flume that carries water to the Chalk Bluff water treatment plant ruptured as a result of the earthquake, but other than that, there have been reports of minor damage across the Truckee Meadows–things like broken mirrors, furniture, cans and bottles of food spilling out of cabinets and off counters.

There are no reports of any injuries.

The largest quake of the evening, 4.7, was felt as far south has Stateline, as far west as Portola, California, and as far east as Fallon.

To get a better idea of what you may have felt last night and early this morning, the following is a list of the largest quakes and their preliminary magnitudes and times, from the U.S. Geological Survey:

  • 3.3 at 11:39 pm, Friday
  • 4.7 at 11:40 pm, Friday
  • 3.4 at 11:43 pm, Friday
  • 3.7 at 12:29 am, Today
  • 3.4 at 2:11 am, Today
  • 3.0 at 8:20 am, Today

safeway on mae anne. just look at all those boxes.

the highland ditch broken. this supplies the chalk bluff water treatment plant so we have water to wash our hands, feed our grass, and get sweet bubble baths. pray it can be fixed.

check your houses. there might be some major settlement issues now that the earth bed is unevenly compacted (cracks in your wall) yeah civil talk for you peeps

SB 101.

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How do you guys feel about this?  Nike SB hasn’t really been coming out with fresh gear lately, but I can’t decide if I like this enough to buy them.  Comments?

hat crazy?

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these are coming out today at 11 am. am i hat crazy if i somehow coordinate with my friend Nate in LA to somehow order these over the phone (which I’m not sure if they do), and him have him pick it up then ship it up north to ren-izzle (does anyone even call reno that)? well what if at the same time I’m trying to pick up 2 more in new york at DQM (and they don’t do phone orders for hats as well). crazy? i think not.


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today i have an interview at Granite Construction hopefully for an intern position this summer. this one is more construction based. wish me luck.

also, i’m a rep for karmaloop now. for those who don’t know, check out the site htt://www.karmaloop.com. they have anything from burton and nixon to stussy and triumvir. here’s my rep code, TO21996. use that at the checkout and you’ll get a sweet 20% off the entire order. lucky you.

national geographic.

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I saw this video and I thought to meself, ‘bomb…. dot com’ ch check it out.

and in case ya didn’t know, the preying mantis shrimp and the penguin crab (i actually don’t know the official name) are family rivals. they fight for turf, for drugs, maybe women and for money so don’t get caught in the middle of this tiny crustacean war

p.s does anyone notice the gas price being OUTRAGEOUS!! I’m not paying $4/gal, I’d rather lose my collection of basketball cards. I guess its time to bust out my bike. take that oil companies!

pic of the week

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a couple of events this week.  battle of the bands.  hip hop palooza.  take back the night.  i wasn’t the events, but I was able to catch a few photos.  check it out.

local band Anchor Down won the grand prize $500 guitar for the Battle of the Bands

reno envy was at the event too.  they had a nice little shop set up next to the bbq

this is a random pic of the week.  i’ll call it, “the back of the bus.” deep

there’s a crazy car chase in LA right now with a woman who stole a car and is trying to make her get-a-way.  haha, I wonder if she realizes there’s a helichopper following her, or if it ever crossed her mind that once the gas runs out, where is she going to run?  i think they should just release the HOUNDS and have them take her down.

haha, go to jailskank.

foam partay.

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Sony made this in Miami.  How fun would that be just to have a foam party in downtown, or even at the university!

recap on this weekend.

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5 p.m – tin and i head down to ben’s to check out their chit on kegs. we picked up a half keg of coors light and dropped it off at roger’s.

8:30 pm – tin and i leave the house after dinner and head back down to rogers to start the partay. surprisingly, we were the first ones there. the first tap we had apparently didn’t work. i thought something smelled funny when i couldn’t feel any pressure. turns out the seal was broken

9 pm – nothing, we’re still the only ones there

10 pm – nothing, we’re still the only ones there

11 pm – 12 am – we’ve been playing beer pong for a while and people start showing up. kai and I killed the competition and won something on the order of 7 rounds. then things started getting fuzzy

12:15 am – i don’t really remember what happens next in terms of order, but i remember shots of tequila, beer pong and someone screaming ‘HUGE titties!’ with an ascending tone.

12: something…just take a look at the pics and you can decide what happens.