Posted in Uncategorized by t2then on March 22, 2008

i haven’t written in a while, so lets make this a big one.  thursday morning around 2:30ish am my buddy tin and i hit the road to san francisco.  here are some pics of things that came our way as we were waiting in line for the grand opening of the hundreds.  check it out.


we got into the city around 5:30 am and this was the line.  we were probably 10th or 11th.  The sun wasn’t even out yet, and we had until 11 am until the store opened.


8:30 am rolls around and still no new people, the sun was up now and it was hella cold. dsc00237.jpg

i had to make some trips back to the car for tissues because my nose was running like a mofo, but i had to climb these beastly stairs everytime.  I call them the “crazy stairs” because each step was about a few inches wide by one foot high.  i climbed one store in about 3 feet, now that’s crazy!


around 11am, the store is still working out some issues.  bobby hundreds(black set up zip) and the some of the crew is waiting outside.  the doors didn’t actually open until around 1 pm in the afternoon.  My back was killing me from all the standing.


this pic is taken from bobbyhundreds, hey look there’s me!!!  at around 12 pm, there were a good hundred or so people waiting in line.


a bomb proof door fit for even adam(bomb) himself, didn’t know that huh?  it was very dark on the inside much like the rosewood store, but once tin and i got it, it was so official.  I won’t say how much we each spent, but I will say that I’ll be broke soon enough.


after waiting 7 hours in line, which was well worth it, we headed back to santa clara where tin lives and decided we definitely needed some remedies, like keystonelight.  we started raging around 4pm and didn’t stop until the early morning hours.  If ever you’re in town, go to frozo’s, great place for ice cream.  new game for the kids too: beerdie


the next day we hit up tyler’s house, and i found this in his garage.  paddle shifters.


and i found this one too, which is 0.1 seconds slower than the yellow one in the 0-60, loser.  tin for some reason is in a lot of pictures.  we watched a few basketball games at tyler’s before leaving.  Today was a bad day for me, I lost a lot of matches, but so far I’m second in the pool.  Go me.


before we set out on our 4 hour long trip back home, we made a stop at one of my favorite places in albany: Daimo, open 9am-3am.  I have more pics, but they came out blurry.  Glad to be back home, unpacking my new clothes.  I’ll be back in the city probably sometime this summer, when hundreds has their new line out.  in the meantime, peace, i’m off to bed.


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